Siri Fort

Siri Fort is among the many renowned monuments of heritage and culture, situated in New Delhi. Located between Hauz Khas on the east and Mehrauli in the north, the construction of the fort is believed to have begun in 1303, during the reign of Alauddin Khilji. The fort was only a part of the strategic city of Siri which was second of the seven cities built during the time, by the Turks of the Delhi Sultanate. However, as of now, only a few remnants of the same can be seen in the form of fort ruins; but the majestic architecture and the historical relevance still draws hordes of tourists to visit it.

History suggests that the city of Siri was built to protect the empire from the attack of the Mongols; and after the war, close to 8000 Mongol soldiers were buried in the city. At the time it was constructed, Siri had plenty of palaces, and other monuments including seven magnificent gates to enter and exit. However, now, the fort is in a derelict state with leftover ramparts, some citadels and a southeastern gate. Nevertheless, the majestic monument still resonates with the opulence of the bygone times and has traces of the palatial buildings and precious stones’ carvings which once adorned it. The site has now become a place of local recreation and at all times you can find people exploring the fort ruins or kids playing around in the park area.