Museo Camera

Located in the urban alleys of DLF Phase 3 in Gurugram, Museo Camera is a unique vintage cameras museum showcasing analogue still and video cameras, over a century old. The eccentric repository is a private venture and the brainchild of the Indian photographer Aditya Arya. At this age and time, when all of our lives are revolving around social media and Instagram news feed, the museum is a perfect representation of our digital lifestyles. Located in the India Photo Archive’s headquarters in Gurugram, the gallery boasts of a humungous collection of over 1500 cameras ranging in time-period between the 1880s to the 1990s. Inaugurated in 2009, the museum has a combined collection of the artist’s personal stock and those gifted or donated to him by his audience.

In addition to the gorgeous cameras occupying the sleek shelves of the depository, the pinned pictures and photographs explain the procedure behind film photography, developing pictures from reels, and the like. Besides, it also has an elaborate display of ancient antiques including earliest flash equipment, vintage photographic films, enlargers, light meters etc. The depository is the only one of its kind all around and is a must visit place for photography enthusiasts- both professional and amateur.