Bhadra Fort

Located at the walled city of Ahmedabad, the 44 acre-Bhadra fort composes of intricate carvings, latticework and frescos alongside impeccable arches and inscriptions at the entrance. Built in 1411 by Ahmed Shah I, the walling is said to have been established to protect the Gujarat Sultanate, reigned by Ahmed Shah I at the time.

Also known as the Arak Fort, the Bhadra Fort is said to inherit its names from the Bhadrakali temple installed by the Marathas here. This red stone-fort located along the Sabarmati river was revamped by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (the AMC) and the Archaeological Survey of India (the ASI) in 2014. Bhadra Fort is also an important venue for significant events such as the Republic Day and the Independence Day of the country.